Natural Gas

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A therm is a natural gas unit equal to 100,000 Btu.

Three-part communication

Three-part communication is a process used in the gas and electric industries to limit errors due to lack of effective communication.

Transmission pipe

Transmission line pipe is typically 12 to 48 inches in diameter and constructed of ¼- to ¾-inch thick steel.


A turbine is a machine in which the kinetic energy of a moving fluid causes a series of blades to spin, thus converting kinetic energy to mechan …

U.S. energy flow

There are various sources of energy consumed in the United States and different uses for each.

Unbundled service

Unbundled service happens when the distribution company provides the delivery service but another entity such as a marketer or aggregator provid …


The natural gas delivery chain comprises three sectors. The upstream sector is often considered to consist of facilities that are used in the pr …


Valves are required along the gas delivery system so that sections of the system can be isolated and shut down in the event of a leak or other e …


A wellhead is the above-ground portion of a natural gas well. After the well has been drilled, the well must be completed.

Wholesale customer

In the energy industry, wholesale customers are entities that buy natural gas or electric supply for the purpose of reselling it. Wholesale cust …

Wholesale marketer

Wholesale marketers are entities that purchase natural gas or electric supply for the purposes or reselling the supply to other market participa …

Zero carbon

Zero carbon describes a process that has no greenhouse gas emissions.