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Hydropower electric generation

Hydropower is electricity derived by converting the kinetic energy of moving water using impoundment or diversion.


Methanation is a process of creating synthetic natural gas (methane) by combining carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

Net zero

The concept of net-zero means that a structure (a home, office building, etc.) produces at least as much energy as it consumes.

Photoelectric ​effect

The photoelectric effect is a natural phenomenon in which electrically charged particles are released from or within a material when the materia …

Photovoltaic cells

Photovoltaic conversion generates electricity directly from sunlight. Certain materials have the property to produce electric flow when they are …

Photovoltaic solar power

Photovoltaic, or solar, cells are semiconductor materials that when struck by sufficient amounts of light cause electrons to flow.


Regasification, also called vaporization is the final step in the LNG process when LNG is returned to its original gaseous form.

Renewable electric generation

Renewable electric generation is a broad category fueled by sources that can be naturally replenished. There are many types of renewable fuels a …

Renewable energy credit (REC)

A renewable energy credit, commonly called a REC, is a tradeable financial instrument that allows the owner of a renewable facility to sell the …

Renewable natural gas

By reclaiming methane from landfills, livestock operations, and waste water treatment plants, renewable natural gas (RNG) is being used to produ …

Renewable portfolio standard (RPS)

A renewable portfolio standard, often called an RPS, is a regulatory requirement obligating utilities, generation authorities, or load-serving e …

Solar power

Solar power is created by the conversion of energy in sunlight to electricity.

Synthetic natural gas (Syngas)

Synthetic natural gas (SNG), also sometimes called syngas or substitute natural gas, is natural gas that is created from materials that contain …


A turbine is a machine in which the kinetic energy of a moving fluid causes a series of blades to spin, thus converting kinetic energy to mechan …

Utility distribution company (UDC)

A utility distribution company (UDC) is an electric utility that provides distribution services.

Wind farm

A wind farm is a group of wind turbines that generate electricity in a common location. A wind farm may also be called a wind power station, a w …

Wind power

Wind power is created by the conversion of kinetic energy in wind, which is the energy of the moving air molecules, to energy in the form of ele …

Zero carbon

Zero carbon describes a process that has no greenhouse gas emissions.

Zero-emissions credit (ZEC)

A ZEC is a tradeable financial instrument that allows the owner of a zero-emissions electric generating plant to receive revenue associated with …