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Regasification, also called vaporization is the final step in the LNG process when LNG is returned to its original gaseous form.

Renewable electric generation

Renewable electric generation is a broad category fueled by sources that can be naturally replenished. There are many types of renewable fuels a …

Renewable natural gas

By reclaiming methane from landfills, livestock operations, and waste water treatment plants, renewable natural gas (RNG) is being used to produ …

Solar power

Solar power is created by the conversion of energy in sunlight to electricity.


A turbine is a machine in which the kinetic energy of a moving fluid causes a series of blades to spin, thus converting kinetic energy to mechan …

Utility distribution company (UDC)

A utility distribution company (UDC) is an electric utility that provides distribution services.

Wind farm

A wind farm is a group of wind turbines that generate electricity in a common location. A wind farm may also be called a wind power station, a w …

Wind power

Wind power is created by the conversion of kinetic energy in wind, which is the energy of the moving air molecules, to energy in the form of ele …

Zero carbon

Zero carbon describes a process that has no greenhouse gas emissions.