Delivery Systems

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Advanced metering infrastructure

An advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is an in

Alternating current (AC)

There are two types of electrical current: direct


Ampacity is commonly used in place of the formal t

Ampere (Amp)

Amperes, commonly called amps, are used to measure

Ancillary services

Ancillary services are the services (other than en

Apparent power

Apparent power is the total amount of power suppli

Aquifer gas storage

An aquifer is an underground body of rock, sand, o

Area control error (ACE)

Area control error (ACE) is defined as the instant

Associated gas

Some oil wells also produce natural gas along with

Automated meter reading (AMR)

Automated meter reading or AMR combines the electr

Automatic generation control (AGC)

In power systems, automatic generation control (AG


Backhaul is a contractual transaction where gas is

Balancing (natural gas volumes)

Balancing is a technique used throughout the natur

Balancing authority

A balancing authority is the entity responsible fo

Balancing authority area

A balancing authority area comprises a collection

Baseload demand

Baseload refers to the minimum constant level of e

Baseload generation

Baseload generation, which is generation run all 2

Battery system capability

A difficulty in understanding electric battery cap


Biomass is renewable organic material that comes f

Black start

Black start units can start independently without