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An aggregator is an entity that combines end-use c

Ancillary services

Ancillary services are the services (other than en

Associated gas

Some oil wells also produce natural gas along with

Avoided cost of electricity

The term ‘avoided cost’ is used to describe th

Balancing (natural gas volumes)

Balancing is a technique used throughout the natur


Basis is a term used in energy trading to describe

Bid week

In natural gas wholesale trading markets, bid week

Bilateral electric contract

A bilateral contract is a private trade between tw

California energy crisis

In the early 2000s, California had a shortage of e

California ISO (CAISO)

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO)

Capacity (contractual)

When market participants contract to use specific

Capacity (electricity)

Capacity refers to the maximum amount of power ava

Capacity (natural gas)

In the natural gas industry, capacity measures the

Capacity payment

A capacity payment is made by a user of an energy

Capacity release

In the U.S., holders of firm natural gas pipeline

Carbon negative

Carbon negative refers to an entity or a process t

Carbon offset

A carbon offset is a tradeable instrument that rep

Clean energy standard (CES)

A clean energy standard, or CES, is a regulatory r

CME Group

CME Group is an American global markets company. I


A commodity is a product that is mass produced and