Natural Gas

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Administrative and general expenses

Administrative and general (A&G) expenses are a su

Administrative ratemaking

Administrative ratemaking is an alternative to cos


An aggregator is an entity that combines end-use c

Allowance for funds used during construction (AFUDC)

Allowance for funds used during construction, comm


Amortization is the process of reducing or paying

Anaerobic digestion biogas

A method to convert biomass to gas is the natural

Aquifer gas storage

An aquifer is an underground body of rock, sand, o

Associated gas

Some oil wells also produce natural gas along with

Automated meter reading (AMR)

Automated meter reading or AMR combines the electr


Backhaul is a contractual transaction where gas is

Balance sheet

A balance sheet is a financial snapshot of the val

Balancing (natural gas volumes)

Balancing is a technique used throughout the natur

Balancing account

A balancing account is an accounting mechanism use


Basis is a term used in energy trading to describe

Bid week

In natural gas wholesale trading markets, bid week


There are two categories of biofuels: primary biof


A blowdown is the purposeful venting of natural ga

British thermal unit (Btu)

A British thermal unit, or Btu, is a common measur

Bundled service

The service that gas and electric end users receiv

Burner tip

The burner tip is the point in the natural gas del