Gas gathering

After it is produced at the well, gas is moved to lease facilities. At these facilities condensate and water are separated from the gas. Condensate is an oil-like hydrocarbon that is in a vapor or gaseous state at reservoir temperature and pressure, but is a liquid at surface temperature and pressure. Condensate is sold separately from the gas. The gas is then metered as it leaves the lease facilities to allow royalties to be paid to each leaseholder. From the lease facilities, gas is transported through a small pipeline called a gathering system. A typical gathering system may link scores of individual lease holdings or multiple fields through hundreds of miles of gathering lines. Gathering systems employ smaller pipes than transmission systems because there are smaller quantities of gas to transport. Operating pressure for a gathering system can vary considerably depending on the pressure of the gas produced from the wells. Raw gas from the various lease facilities is then transported through the gathering system to a processing facility. If necessary, compressors are used to boost the pressure to allow gas to flow to the processing plant.


Gas gathering pipe ready for installation
Gas gathering pipe ready for installation (photo credit: Stephen Jones)


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