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Administrative and general expenses

Administrative and general (A&G) expenses are a su

Administrative ratemaking

Administrative ratemaking is an alternative to cos

Advanced metering infrastructure

An advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is an in


An aggregator is an entity that combines end-use c

Allowance for funds used during construction (AFUDC)

Allowance for funds used during construction, comm

Alternating current (AC)

There are two types of electrical current: direct


Amortization is the process of reducing or paying


Ampacity is commonly used in place of the formal t

Ampere (Amp)

Amperes, commonly called amps, are used to measure

Anaerobic digestion biogas

A method to convert biomass to gas is the natural

Ancillary services

Ancillary services are the services (other than en

Apparent power

Apparent power is the total amount of power suppli

Area control error (ACE)

Area control error (ACE) is defined as the instant

Automated meter reading (AMR)

Automated meter reading or AMR combines the electr

Automatic generation control (AGC)

In power systems, automatic generation control (AG

Avoided cost of electricity

The term ‘avoided cost’ is used to describe th

Balance sheet

A balance sheet is a financial snapshot of the val

Balancing account

A balancing account is an accounting mechanism use

Balancing authority

A balancing authority is the entity responsible fo

Balancing authority area

A balancing authority area comprises a collection