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Coincident peak demand

Coincident peak demand is the demand of a customer

Combined heat and power

Combined heat and power, or CHP, is the concurrent

Combined-cycle gas turbine

A highly efficient way to use gas to generate elec

Commercial customer class

Gas and electric utility rate structures and regul


A commodity is a product that is mass produced and

Complaint case

Consumers or other affected parties can file a com

Complete retail competition electric market model

Under complete retail competition the utility has

Concentrated solar power (CSP)

Concentrated solar power or CSP technology concent


From a scientific standpoint, a conductor is any m

Congestion management

Transmission congestion occurs when there is insuf

Construction work in progress (CWIP)

Construction work in progress, commonly called CWI


A contingency is an unexpected failure or outage o

Cost of capital proceeding

The first step in the utility ratemaking process i

Cost-of-service ratemaking

Cost-of-service ratemaking sets rates based on for

Current (electric)

The current in a circuit is the rate at which elec

Current transformer

A current transformer (CT) is used to reduce the c


A curtailment is an event where energy services ar

Customer charge

A customer charge (also called a service charge or

Customer class

End users of gas or electricity traditionally have

Day-ahead energy

Day-ahead energy refers to electricity scheduled i