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Capacity factor

Capacity factor is a quantity that describes how f

Capacity payment

A capacity payment is made by a user of an energy


Monetary capital is the money required to acquire

Capital expenditure

Capital expenditures refer to money spent to buy o

Capital structure

Capital structure, also referred to as a company

Carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is the process of

Carbon negative

Carbon negative refers to an entity or a process t

Centralized generation

Centralized generation, also sometimes called util

Certificate case

A certificate case is a regulatory proceeding to e

Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity

A Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity


A circuit is an intentional close-looped path thro

Circuit breaker

A circuit breaker, sometimes simply called a break

Circuit protection

The electric transmission and distribution systems

Clean air vehicle (CAV)

A CAV is a vehicle that emits significantly fewer

Clean energy standard (CES)

A clean energy standard, or CES, is a regulatory r

Climate change

Climate change is defined as a long-term shift in

CME Group

CME Group is an American global markets company. I

Coal electric generation

The ready availability of low-cost coal historical

Coal steam turbine

A coal steam turbine burns coal to create steam wh


Using combined heat and power technology, electric